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We Do It Right

We design men's fashion driven influencer campaigns that deliver impact and real value for our clients. For every campaign, we develop a strategic approach that is tailor-made to each brand. In return, we co-make the content and set up the best campaigns. We do this for our own instagram account @laurenslindeman as well as for other influencers. 

The men's fashion influencers who we manage are all actively working on Instagram. They are true influencers at the top of their niche and are working for cutting edge fashion brands. 

Our campaigns are generally on Instagram and would be with a group of multiple male influencers. They are run on monthly cycles and are totally trackable. 

When you work with us you are getting more than you would with a pre-packaged software solution. We view your marketing as the story you want to tell your following, a story that we will help you create. We will work closely with you to understand the background and personality of your business. You will tell us your marketing objectives, what you want to accomplish and we will set up the cast of influencers and create a narrative that’s authentic and relatable.


Technology is only a starting point for us, and we won’t activate any influencers before they’ve been carefully verified by the living and breathing members of our team. 


Influencers are an integral part of today’s digital marketing. Their influence on their followers on social networks, as well as on the awareness and popularity of brands, is still growing. That’s why we work closely with selected bloggers, influencers and micro-influencers the menswear & lifestyle niche.

Whether it’s collaborations on individual products, for events or for a long-term cooperation: We take care of finding the right brand ambassadors for your company and creating exciting ideas for Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.

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