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Clever Ways To Market Yourself According To Our Marketing Agency in Den Bosch

Marketing can at times feel like a staid discipline. You think up something creative and clever only to Google it and find it’s been done hundreds of times before. So, the first step towards innovative marketing is accepting your ideas may not be utterly unique, and that’s okay. Variations on a theme, after all, often blossom into something greater than the theme itself. The team here at @laurenslindeman, a leading menswear marketing agency in 's-Hertogenbosch, wanted to look at some ways to market yourself which you may not have previously considered! So, grab a brew, get comfortable and find out how to stand out from the crowd…

In A World Of Digital, Think About Analogue…

We’ve become so engrossed in the digital world, in recent times, that we’ve perhaps lost sight of the value which the traditional provides. If you are a local business owner, for example, who runs a fairly small operation, then consider hand-crafting artisanal brochures (if you yourself are artistically-inclined) or have some made for you. Then, proceed to distribute these within the local area or to other local businesses you’d like to do business with. Whilst this may not provide you with tangible ‘metrics’ in the way that digital marketing might, it offers something different, yet equally valuable. It offers personality and extra effort. It shows that as a business you’re both different and prepared to go the extra mile. Of course, this tends to work better for more creatively-leaning businesses than corporate ones, necessarily. However, variations on this idea can be adopted regardless of the sector your operation occupies. Our team would be happy to help create something more physical, a brochure say, if this is something you’d like to look into!

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Consider An Event Of Some Sort

In a similar vein to the previous point, getting your brand’s personality across is essential. There are few ways in which you can better convey you core ethos than by doing so in person. If you want people to understand your passion, deliver it to them first-hand! Events also serve as a great way to answer the questions of potential clients. You can get across your point more easily than is sometimes possible online. In terms of the event itself, it doesn’t really matter what you host it for. It can be something as grand as a launch event, or something altogether more modest. Whatever you choose, these networking opportunities shouldn’t be overlooked. If hosting an event is something that you feel you’d struggle with, then using our agency is a good way to go!


People are suckers for collaboration, well, we certainly are, at least. We think it stems from the fact that it’s something out of the ordinary and different. With this in mind, we think the collaborative option is great for those brands whose marketing hasn’t necessarily been performing badly, but that perhaps may just be going through the motions. That jolting feeling of seeing something you weren’t expecting may just be enough to get people motivated by your brand once more. If you think about it, there’s a reason people love crossover episode so much…

Honesty Is The Best Policy

It’s often easy to forget that behind every business is a person just like any one of us. Keeping your customers in the loop about challenges as well as successes can be as beneficial as solely showing yourself off. You build a more empathetic connection with your customers and audience, and you come across as more authentic and genuine. There’s a fine line, of course, and you don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot. But there’s certainly a case to be put forward for greater levels of transparency and openness. Bridging the gap between customers and corporation is something that’s long been a struggle for businesses; this is surely one of the greatest ways of narrowing that chasm. Here at our marketing agency in Brabant, we encourage people to speak plainly and candidly about their difficulties as well as their highlights. This can take the form of discussions surrounding mental health, or just more general life advice.

Have Fun With It!

Oftentimes, brands get so caught up in the idea of perfect marketing, that they, somewhat ironically, lose the emotion which usually ends up producing the best marketing – fun! Take an afternoon, and start throwing some ideas at the wall (metaphorically speaking, of course, we don’t advocate wall abuse). The key thing, however, is that you go into this session with the rule that there are no bad/stupid ideas. We’re so used to doubting and second guessing ourselves that it can be hard for us to freely throw out ideas. But this is often where the ‘real gold’ lies! As a segue from this, it’s important not to overthink your marketing ideas. If you didn’t come up with something in your brainstorm session, then don’t continue to rack your brain for hours on end. As humans, our best ideas often pop into our heads when we’re least expecting it. You may be midway through demolishing a pizza, walking the dog or maybe even on the loo! The more you overthink it, the less likely you’ll be to come up with something truly engaging. So trust in your brain’s ability to think ‘behind the scenes’, as it were.

Contact Our Menswear Marketing Agency

Marketing is a tempestuous and unpredictable beast, changing this way and that, seemingly every other day. Putting yourself out there is always difficult, no matter how many times you may have done it. Our advice? Have a go! If you don’t, then you’ll never know what you might be missing out on! So, if you’d like to find out more about our marketing agency in Den Bosch, then get in touch! Contact @laurenslindeman today on +316 15 47 17 32. If you’ve something to offer us, we’ve something to offer you! We’ll put on a brew, have a natter and get things done.


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