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What Fashionable Men Want

Menswear enthusiasts want to share content at key times, with specific trend-led communities and in particular formats. Taking this consumer behavior into account can help brands shape their Instagram content strategy.

Men’s fashion audiences value curation – sharing full outfit photos that show off their style and creativity - and largely channel this in the form of static imagery. They’re active in tribes, with the #dapper community championing formal wear and tailoring producing most conversation overall.

Timing also remains critical: scheduling owned Instagram content so that it reaches menswear consumers between the key 6 – 9 pm window, as well as on sundays, can deliver results.

Like fashion, social media is fast moving. Brands that want to harness the power of Instagram need to monitor and analyse the latest online trends to ensure they stay ahead of the curve and continue to meet consumer needs.

Social listening is one of the most valuable tools for any menswear brand. From identifying the most relevant and popular hashtags to engaging with niche communities and micro-influencers, this insight can optimize and drive a brand’s Instagram activity forward.


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